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Hello! Goodbye! Hello! [Jan. 7th, 2011|01:51 pm]
 Ooooofff my word its been a while since I posted here.. What up everyone? Good? Good.
Well.. I think its about time I'm honest with you all... I'm cheating on Livejournal with my very own blogging software on my site hosted by a dirty scamp called Wordpress. She's all "you can change my themes big boi, edit my CSS"

What this means is I think we have to just be friends ok? It's not you, its me.

I may pop up now and then, collect some things, show you a fun video, share some noises....

Oky, thats gone a little to far.
my new Alone site has lots of new blogs on it, its exciting, I'm trying to kick the whole 2.0 into action. If you really miss me that much I'm on facebook. For now let me leave you with sexy links:



Oh and I'm doing that horribly addictive Twitter thing too:


So do drop by and say hi, and enjoy noises etc.
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I Know [Nov. 5th, 2010|11:19 am]
 How you all LOVE the media and gas that I occasionally post, but this is a post to say its mostly going to disappear while I sort out my new website and clear out my server so it makes more sense. So this is more of a note that there will now be a lot of broken links to images and sounds below..

But in other news.. the new site is almost done. wee
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Bloggy phones and 3.0 world views [Oct. 6th, 2010|10:58 pm]
[Current Location |lol phone]

Hey hey, in the exciting world of technology its possible to be left behind. Me? I'm a radical futurist.. on top of everything. Totally. Like down with the kids and their you chewbs. I'm even writing this blog on my god damn phone whilst watching mighty boosh (series one, you know, the good one) in bed next to Polly who is sat playing harvest moon. Exciting. What the real point of this update was to be exactly that. An update! Well an almost update to say, things are in motion, sites are updating, mostly to orange and white. Rockwell is the font of choice. Music is sort of starting, which is the point really, profiles in the right place, exciting. Ooh and my old album is on spotify! See I'm totally down with the revolution on the net eh? Sigh. Goodnight!

Posted via LjBeetle
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From three days to four hours [Sep. 27th, 2010|08:50 am]
[Current Music |Coova and little-scale - Standing Alone | Powered by Last.fm]

 In an exciting sequel to the last sounds I spawned I have another tale to tell. 

Rather than really over work (or revel in under-working thing) I done did this. It's called 'An Ideal Way' because I wroted (stole) some words and sang them. I then couldn't really think of much else to do, so rather than stress over it here it is in a nice rough form. The whole process was finished in about 4 hours, so don't go thinking this is some epic, more of an insular noodle with a one chord bridge.

Also i should learn when to hold notes and when to.. not... fuck it.. enjoy?

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OMG James wrote some noises and called it MOGSIZE [Sep. 25th, 2010|11:43 am]
[Current Music |Alone Music - Mogsize (A Noodle Jam) | Powered by Last.fm]

 It is a rarity I post anything new... so.. count yourselves really lucky today.
Rather than actually work on anything for more than 3 days, this is what I have been doing for 3 days, mistakes, bad edits and all, what do you mean those drums are a bit silly? Shut up.

(right click save as or whatever)

Enjoy, I realized the other day I have never tried to ever do anything in a time signature other than 4/4. This is an attempt to rectify that. You may notice that it is called Mogsize... this is due to 1) I have the new Oceansize album and am going to see them on Wednesday and think they are fantastic and 2) The first heavy bit is like Mogwai... Now in no way am I saying I am wanting to be in either of these bands (I do) but frankly as soon as I set the timing to 3/4 or 5/4 or anything all that spills out is Post Rock... bad post-rock... surely we are past post rock now anyway? Do I ever need to justify myself any more than that? No? You want me to shut up? sure...

In more technical things, I had a play with logics stereo spread on some parts and was all like "whoa!" I also mixed it very quickly on my spangly new headphones... Creative soundblaster speakers just don't cut it.
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Shazzam! [Aug. 30th, 2010|10:16 am]
[Current Music |Anamanaguchi - Another Winter | Powered by Last.fm]

Well, coupled with my recent obsessions, being Battlestar Gallactica and Wipeout HD platinum trophies, as well as endless tweaking to three new Kingdom tracks, as the summer draws too a close by becoming sunny again I would like to point attentions towards one Anamanaguchi , a fairly awesome band riding a crest of "of hey thats actually awesome". Now first lets get it out of the way, they did the (awesome) soundtrack to the (awesome) Scott Pilgrim game. However being (awesome) and (switched on) you should rather be looking for the two (awesome) EP's Dawn Metropolis and Power Supply (both on amazon mp3 and itoones) or if you are cheap, they are giving away 3 (awesome) singles on their website. Joyous music abound! LOL etc. But yes, do indeed look them up. Did i mention they use a NES for all the synthy awesomes? no? they use a NES, thats like cool and stuff innit? Also the Scott Pilgrm film is pretty good.

So me and the other Brunel's are balls deep in making three awesome new songs to prove that we are 1) not incapable of writing short songs 2) don't suck as loudly as before 3) can make quieter suckitude louder (by perception) through better productionisms. In exposing these tracks to the beady scrutiny that can focus upon them when working at such lengths we keep cutting bits out of the songs. a few weeks back we had a lovely three track EP clocking in at exactly 10 minutes, not too shabby eh? However my most recent calculation states that the length and girth is now 8.7 minutes, leading my shoddy maths to suggest that by christmas this EP will actually have a negative running time, presumably adding extra time to the day whenever you try to play it, or something. 

And so ends the summer update of this summer. Feels a bit lame to say the end result is 8.69 minutes of music. Better get it done before a paradox occurs.
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Last Night.. [Aug. 13th, 2010|09:26 am]
So I was having a good ol' sleep, and somewhere in that sleep I *think* I may have had an idea of what, if anything, it was I really wanted to do. Then by the time I woke up I couldn't remember what it was, just the urge to do something... that, and I also had Zager and Evans stuck in my head.

I've also bought a really nice pair of headphones and am currently listening to everything I can find going "oh shuck's wow awesome!"
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FRAK [Jul. 29th, 2010|02:49 pm]
[Current Location |frak]
[Current Music |frak]

So... Polly and I have become hooked by the evil and actually quite rubbish, no wait, awesome Battlestar Galactica. It is wonderful in that 'just...one..more..episode...' way, sort of like Mcdonald's, if they made sci-fi instead of grotty burgers that make you feel a bit sick while you are still eating them (unlike glorious burger king where the cramps only catch up about an hour later).

Yes, safe to say I'm on summer holidays which gives me the excuse to watch all this lovely space-y programming. And watch it I shall. And then when I'm not watching it, I'll be thinking about it. Thinking things like "OH MY GOD WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT! LOL CYLONS FRAK ISN'T A WORD JUST SAY FUCK!"... So yes, this was meant to be a serious hmmm what to do with this time post but alas...

Oh I also now have a car... vrooom etc! I am also dying to find some new interesting music, as well as record things and find a god-damn drummer.
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Youtube video fun times (+ others) [Jun. 8th, 2010|08:04 am]
As I am a little bored this morning, here are a few 'classic' videos of things I've been listening to the last few weeks/days:

And something new:

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You Hear Yourself In Strange Places [May. 14th, 2010|08:04 am]
 Everything, Everywhere, at the Same Time

Still making those bleeps huh?
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